Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Sometimes it's the water you don't see that causes the damage.

Sometimes we can't see water damage. Maybe we cleaned up the water that we saw but then we start smelling a funny smell a few days latter and guess what, you ma... READ MORE

How do you know a wall is wet when it looks dry?

Many people will ask SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor how can they know that moisture is present when it looks dry to the eye? There has been a great advance... READ MORE

It's the Water you don't see that can do the most damage.

The faster water is removed , the less chance of serious damage. When you have water on your carpets it's just not the first layer you need to dry that is the m... READ MORE

You have a sub pump so you're safe, right?!

Even thought you have a sub pump it doesn't mean your safe from flooding. Even sub pumps can fail. Even with regular care they can fail but the odds are in your... READ MORE

Deck the Halls with...Lots of Water?

It might as well have been a mitigation vacation when our SERVPRO crews responded to a +9 story water loss in Towson. A multitude of apartments and businesses h... READ MORE

Fridge Supply Leak in Baltimore? Not Cool!

If you have a refrigerator, odds are that your refrigerator has a supply line. This line is prone to leaking. This leak can be a slow drip, or it can cause quit... READ MORE