Recent Before & After Photos

We always try to go the extra step at SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

"Leave it better than when you arrived." That's a great philosophy and one we like to embrace at SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. We know that sometimes we ... READ MORE

Because we care.

As most people know mitigation and clean-up do not always happen inside the home or building. On this job displayed in the pictures the Fire Department had to b... READ MORE

We keep looking at all the layers.

When you have water damage, it's not always just the carpet that needs to be dried. SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor knows you have to keep peeling back the ... READ MORE

What's in your truck.

SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor comes prepared to take care of your mitigation. Of course we use the latest equipment but we also show up to your disaster f... READ MORE

Because you live there.

Of course we want our home to be rid of mold but we don't want to use something to get rid of it that could be harmful to us. Many cleaning products have harmf... READ MORE

Because we have our favorite lunch place too!

When your business gets interrupted it you lose more then just the service cost for repairs, but the loss of business income as well. This is why SERVPRO of Ba... READ MORE

Winds, cold, and freezing temperatures can sure equal damage.

We get ready for a storm or so we think. Did we check the insulation? Did we check the sub pump; is it working? What happens if we lose power during a storm? Do... READ MORE

Sometimes it's the water you don't see that causes the damage.

Sometimes we can't see water damage. Maybe we cleaned up the water that we saw but then we start smelling a funny smell a few days latter and guess what, you ma... READ MORE

There might be more that dust in the Attic.

Don't wait until you go to sell your house and discover your have been living with mold in the attic. It's always a good idea to check your attic from time to t... READ MORE

Are you protecting yourself when cleaning mold?

When you do any job you should always wear the proper protective gear. I mean you wouldn't cut your grass in flip flop's would you? Well, removing mold is a job... READ MORE