Water Damage Photo Gallery

Don't let this happen to you.

With the freezing temperatures upon us make sure you stay proactive.

Some things to do to help avoid having your pipes freeze:

Keep your heat up. 

Open your cabinets to let heat get to pipes.

Make sure your pipes are wrapped or insulated properly.

Leave your faucets dripping.

If you do have to leave town, drain your pipes.

Keep the garage doors closed.

Lastly, know where to turn off the water if disaster strikes.

Cardboard vs Water

Cardboard as you might guess is no match for water. We never know when a water disaster might happen but we can always try to be prepared just in case.

If possible but all things off the floor. This inventory could have been saved if only it had been a few inches off the floor. 

Think ahead whenever possible. We can't always avoid all losses but we can help make them less severe. 

Drying is a Science, Don't Experiment on Your Own

Applied structural drying is, as we always say, a special science, so DIY is never recommended. Luckily, we are certified via the IICRC to conduct this science in your home or business when water damage occurs. Here you can see that drying properly takes a plan and of course the right equipment to rid your property of water and prevent or abate any potential mold risk. That's why SERVPRO should always be your first call when you spot water damage.

One Faucet Can Flood Your Facility

Our crews responded to +3 stories of water damage  to a large commercial facility in Towson after a mop bucket feeding faucet was left on all night. This loss was approx. 2 miles from the other major loss we had been working on at the same time, so we have been swapping special drying equipment between the two to make sure both facilities can return to normal operations ASAP. 

Sprinkler Failures Can Flood All 10 of Your Floors!

Our SERVPRO of Baltimore's Inner Harbor teams were called to Ruxton Towers of Towson to respond to a major water damage. The building house apartments, doctor's offices, and businesses. The water caused damage to 9 of 10 floors as well as the basement and parking garage. We arrived on scene at 4am and worked continuously to mitigate and restore normal life routine for residents and businesses alike. SERVPRO of Howard County also helped us out with this major loss. Nothing beats our SERVPRO family!

A different kind of fan at The Lyric Opera House

Some SERVPRO equipment on scene drying the halls of The Lyric after a water damage incident. Our team is trained in special drying procedures. These skills are crucial to keep mold from growing after a water damage incident.